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10 March, 2015: Countdown has confirmed it has put additional security measures in place in its Countdown stores, following the New Zealand Police and Ministry for Primary Industries’ announcement about a threat to infant formula.

Countdown’s Acting Managing Director, Steve Donohue, says he knows this threat will be worrying for customers and that the supermarket operator has put additional security in place from the time the product arrives in its Distribution Centres to when it is purchased by a customer in stores.

“As a retailer of infant formula, Countdown is doing everything possible to keep infant formula safe in our supermarkets,” says Steve Donohue.

“Some of these security measures will mean it takes a little bit more time for customers to purchase infant formula, but together these steps will ensure constant monitoring of the product, either in person or by CCTV.  Consumer safety is our absolute priority and we are supporting the NZ Police and MPI investigation in any way we can.”

Increased security measures include:

“We’re also asking our customers to be vigilant,” says Steve Donohue.  “Everyone has a role to play in checking their cans of infant formula for any sign of tampering, and by keeping an eye out for anything suspicious or unusual.  If you see something you’re concerned about, please let a member of our team know immediately.”

If you suspect your product has been tampered with, please contact the NZ Police on 0800 723 665 or take the product to your local police station.

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