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Countdown stores have collected more than 16,000 cans for KidsCan’s Lunchbox Day fundraiser over the weekend, thanks to the generosity of customers.

A call out to the general public to support KidsCan’s Appeal went out on Friday and Countdown’s 172 stores acted as collection points over the weekend. The cans will be donated to 100 KidsCan schools to provide hot lunches.

“A huge heartfelt thanks to all of our customers for supporting KidsCan. We have stores in communities all over New Zealand and it’s been fantastic to see each and every one of those communities rallying to help Kiwi kids,” says Dave Chambers, Managing Director.

“KidsCan does a great job to support Kiwi kids in more than 400 schools around the country and we are pleased to help them in their Appeal this year.

“Collectively our stores received more than 16,000 cans from customers and we’re proud to add that to our donation on Friday of 10,000 cans of Homebrand baked beans and 10,000 cans of Homebrand spaghetti,” says Dave.