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9 April 2015: Kiwi families have saved more than $70 million thanks to Countdown’s long-term price reductions on over 1,000 everyday products, with more savings promised.

Acting Managing Director, Steve Donohue says, “Countdown is leading the charge on bringing Kiwis cheaper grocery prices through the Price Lockdown and Price Drop programmes.

“These reduced prices aren’t sales promotions, or one-offs. We are reducing prices for the long-term, on products Kiwis buy most often.”

In February, Countdown cut the price of Homebrand Nappies 44-60 pack nappies from $19.90 to $15, saving Kiwi parents $1 million per year on nappies.

Lockdown price reductions have been made on products that Countdown knows are the most popular with its’ customers such as frozen peas, flour, sausages, pita bread, tinned tomatoes, detergent, laundry powder, and paper towels.

“From $1 bread, to $10 for a 24 pack of Signature Range water,these long-term reductions are making a real difference. We are proud to be the supermarket driving long-term savings for Kiwis, and doing our part to take pressure off family budgets,” Mr Donohue says.

“The impact of Countdown’s pricing programme is contributing to the decrease in grocery food prices in New Zealand. Statistics New Zealand announced that in the year ending February 2015, grocery food prices in New Zealand decreased 2.3 per cent.*

“$70 million in savings is just the beginning. We are committed that Kiwis will see plenty more savings in the near future,” says Mr Donohue.