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Friday, 17 April: Hot on the heels of the popular Super Animals collectible craze, Countdown is launching a second round with new Super Animals sound cards to raise more money for the Royal New Zealand SPCA (RNZSPCA).

From Saturday 18 April, 72 new limited edition Super Animals sound cards will be available at all Countdown stores, and this time creatures from our own backyard, such as the Little Spotted Kiwi and the Kakapo, have been included.

The new cards are from six categories based on the animals’ eating habits; Herbivore, Carnivore, Omnivore, Insectivore, Piscivore and Frugivore.

Countdown’s General Manager Marketing, Bridget Lamont, says the new Super Animals cards include New Zealand animals and are a great educational tool for Kiwi kids, with the added benefit of supporting a great cause.

“We received an overwhelming amount of positive feedback on the Super Animals cards. Kids loved them and parents and teachers loved that they were educational.  Best of all, just over $218,000 was raised towards helping the RNZSPCA implement their much needed Shelter Buddy system.

“The RNZSPCA still requires further funding so that the system can be fully implemented and we’re hoping our customers will get behind the new Super Animals cards and help us raise the remaining amount,” says Ms Lamont.

RNZSPCA Chief Executive Ric Odom, is thrilled the SPCA has received so much support from the community, and is hopeful they will be able to implement the Shelter Buddy System in the next 12 months. 

“We’re grateful of the support Countdown customers have shown us through Super Animals. We have a long history of caring for animals in New Zealand and it’s exciting to make it a step closer to introduce an urgently needed animal management system across our nationwide network of SPCA centres. 

“We’re hoping the new Super Animals will help us reach the $400,000 needed to implement Shelter Buddy, which will allow us to be more efficient, take faster action, and ultimately provide better outcomes for animals right across New Zealand,” says Mr Odom.

From 18 April until 17 May 2015 for every $20 spent in-store or online, shoppers will receive one pack of four new Super Animals sound cards. Shoppers can also purchase an album to store their cards with $1 from every album sold going to the RNZSPCA to support animal welfare in New Zealand. A sound card reader can also be purchased separately for $8 to hear the sounds of the animals.

To offer families the opportunity to collect all 72 sound cards, Countdown will be hosting a swap-meet at stores on Sunday 10 May so shoppers can trade cards to complete their collection.

For more information on Super Animals visit www.countdown.co.nz/superanimals

For more information about the SPCA visit www.rnzspca.org.nz